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I wasn't sure if there was a post for this, but I'll be dropping my Lyta claim. (I think it's long overdue anyway. ^^;;)

Just haven't had time to finish it up and don't want to hold it in case anyone else wants it.
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londovir- by iamsab

Vir Cotto: Batch 08 (COMPLETE)

Subject: Vir Cotto
Batch: #08 (COMPLETE)
Themes: envy, paradox, strange, universe
Custom Themes: rainbow, disbelief, troubled, wave, sleepyhead, assassin, horror, chivalry, beginning, mirror, damage control, death watch, go to hell, fear, mismatch, conscience

Additional Notes:

Want, Take, Have. And remember, I am almost completely new at this, so any tips you may have to take care of bothersome things would be much appreciated.

COMPLETED Table & Resources

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