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Babylon 5 - 100 Icons Challenge
Subject Claims
Please read the following rules carefully and then submit your subject claim via a comment to this post. I will not be able to give you posting access if you're not a member. If you have any questions, please ask at the FAQ page.

01. You must check to see if your subject has already been claimed for the time-being. If your subject is already taken, you may not apply for it until it is freed up once more. You may however claim it on the Waiting List and your claim will be given priority when the subject frees up. Subjects are on first come first serve basis.

02. If for some reason, you can no longer complete your icons and would like to give up your subject, you must also let me know by commenting to this post.

03. If you're claiming a general movie or series, please make sure you're making icons that covers the movie/series/episode/etc as a whole.

04. You must submit your application by commenting to this post with the following information:

Your Username: (the one you will be posting under. I'm only going to grant access to one username per person)

Once your application has been approved, your subject will be listed here and you may then begin to post your icons.

Current Subject Claims: (sorted by category in alphabetical order):




Seasons & TV Movies:


Current Claims
Episode - And the Sky Full of Stars by g_shadowslayer due 30 April 2012

feeling: restless restless
hearing: The Music - Breakin

53 babcoms or leave a babcom
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From: wychwood Date: 3rd May 2006 12:11 (UTC) (link)
Subject: G'Kar
Username: wychwood
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 3rd May 2006 13:13 (UTC) (link)
It's yours. :)
flarn_chef From: flarn_chef Date: 3rd May 2006 12:48 (UTC) (link)
subject: season 3
username: flarn_chef
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 3rd May 2006 13:13 (UTC) (link)
It's yours. :)
crazybee From: crazybee Date: 3rd May 2006 13:16 (UTC) (link)
Subject: Vorlons
username: crazybee
crazybee From: crazybee Date: 3rd May 2006 13:20 (UTC) (link)
actually change that to Subject: "The First Ones" please sorry
From: tgikelly Date: 3rd May 2006 17:04 (UTC) (link)
I'm so excited! :)

Subject: Captain John Sheridan
Username: tgikelly
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 3rd May 2006 19:44 (UTC) (link)
It's yours. :)
alicamel From: alicamel Date: 3rd May 2006 20:24 (UTC) (link)
Oh, oh, erm, *attemps to pick*

Subject: Londo Mollari.
Username: camelwithbrush (That's my icon journal, I'll post using that. :))

alicamel From: alicamel Date: 3rd May 2006 21:19 (UTC) (link)
Also, should I reply here to go on the waiting list or on the waiting list post? *easily confuzzled late at night!*

I'd quite like to go on the waiting list to fo G'Kar. :)

(Although I have no G'Kar icon. Woe. Do not judge me! :D)

muffinmonster From: muffinmonster Date: 4th May 2006 02:09 (UTC) (link)
Oh, how could I resist! I only hope I can finish them all in 10 weeks.

Subject: The Psi Corps
Your Username: muffinmonster

_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 4th May 2006 05:48 (UTC) (link)
It's yours.

melligator From: melligator Date: 4th May 2006 04:52 (UTC) (link)
This may put a dent in the time I've been using for babylon5contest, but what they hey!

Subject: Delenn
Username: _dropdeadred
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 4th May 2006 05:49 (UTC) (link)

hobsonphile From: hobsonphile Date: 5th May 2006 21:30 (UTC) (link)
Subject: Vir Cotto
Username: hobsonphile

I need the practice. ;)
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 5th May 2006 21:34 (UTC) (link)

I love Vir.

It's yours.
leyenn From: leyenn Date: 8th May 2006 21:33 (UTC) (link)
Subject: Susan Ivanova
Username: leyenn
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 8th May 2006 21:59 (UTC) (link)
It's yours.

fondued_jicama From: fondued_jicama Date: 25th June 2006 20:44 (UTC) (link)
Would... the Command Staff count as an organisation? =p Or would I be better off going for something like, eh... Army of Light?
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 25th June 2006 21:10 (UTC) (link)
Tey both sound like rally good ideas.

Lemme know which you prefer and I'll sort out your posting access.

_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 24th July 2006 01:10 (UTC) (link)
Can I have Legend of the Rangers?
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 24th July 2006 01:10 (UTC) (link)
Why yes you can.
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 19th August 2006 15:16 (UTC) (link)
So self, do you want to claim Lyta?
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 19th August 2006 15:17 (UTC) (link)
Yes please!
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 12th April 2007 20:20 (UTC) (link)
So self, now that the other claim on it has expired, d'ya wanna make 100 x Susan I icons?
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 12th April 2007 20:21 (UTC) (link)
You abso fraggin'
alicamel From: alicamel Date: 17th March 2009 11:49 (UTC) (link)
Hello! Could I claim an episode? If so I'd like to do Divided Loyalties. Mostly because I found a whole selection of screencaps, some already cropped, from the episode, so I'd clearly been considering it at some point in the distant past.

(Also, just to be confusing, I will be posting under this name, having given up on camelwithbrush. I like to make things complicated... :))
alicamel From: alicamel Date: 3rd April 2009 18:26 (UTC) (link)
Hello, can I change my request to Susan Ivanova? I know you've just finished making 100 icons of her, so I hope that's okay. :)
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 10th December 2010 22:34 (UTC) (link)
May I nab confessions and lamentations?
_happyme_ From: _happyme_ Date: 10th December 2010 22:35 (UTC) (link)
Yes, you may. :)
53 babcoms or leave a babcom
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