May 21st, 2006

// The First Ones for Babylon5x100 \\ Batch #3 (11 Icons)

Subject: The First Ones
Batch: #3
IconCount: 55/100
Updated: 21st May 2006
Themes:beautiful, darkness, love, signs, soul, magical
Custom themes:
Additonal Notes: ALL grabbed by myself. Any brushes/gradients ect that are not my own are credited in my Profile

Wow cant believe I've just over 50 icons :)
Themes Left:12 / Artist Left:33

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"The First Ones" 100 icons

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(no subject)

I'm starting to slow down a bit with the iconmaking. ^^; I'm sort of running out of caps. Oh well. I'll reuse some if I have to.

Subject: Lyta Alexander
Batch: 4
Themes: Faith, Regret, Revenge, Shadows, Three
Custom themes: None
Additonal Notes: Resources not mine, blah blah. Want, take, have. With credit. ♥

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