May 2nd, 2006

Babylon 5 Needs You

Subject Claims

Please read the following rules carefully and then submit your subject claim via a comment to this post. I will not be able to give you posting access if you're not a member. If you have any questions, please ask at the FAQ page.

01. You must check to see if your subject has already been claimed for the time-being. If your subject is already taken, you may not apply for it until it is freed up once more. You may however claim it on the Waiting List and your claim will be given priority when the subject frees up. Subjects are on first come first serve basis.

02. If for some reason, you can no longer complete your icons and would like to give up your subject, you must also let me know by commenting to this post.

03. If you're claiming a general movie or series, please make sure you're making icons that covers the movie/series/episode/etc as a whole.

04. You must submit your application by commenting to this post with the following information:

Your Username: (the one you will be posting under. I'm only going to grant access to one username per person)

Once your application has been approved, your subject will be listed here and you may then begin to post your icons.

Current Subject Claims: (sorted by category in alphabetical order):




Seasons & TV Movies:


Current Claims
Episode - And the Sky Full of Stars by g_shadowslayer due 30 April 2012
Filing Papers



Below are the Frequently Asked Questions. Please feel free to ask any questions you may still have after reading the community's info page and this page.

What can I claim?
Anything. Characters, Actors, Series, Episodes, Seasons, Movies, Ships, Aliens (eg: Vorlons, Drazi, etc), Departments (ex: medical, pilots, etc) Ranks (eg: captains, commanders, etc), and anything else I forgot. If you're not sure just ask.

For character claims, can my icons include other people in them?
Yes, you're allowed to include other people in your icon as long as your claimed subject is in the icon too.

If I claim a series or TV movie, do I need to include all of the characters from the series/movie in each icon?
No, because you've claimed the series/TV movie, you're allowed to make icons of any number of people in your icons. It doesn't have to be every character in every icon but all the characters should be represented in the 100.

Can I use fanart?
Only provided that you've obtained permission from the actual artist of the art and that you credit them properly in every post you make that contains fanart.

Can I use promotional pictures?

I no longer can/want to make icons for my subject. What should I do?
Let me know via the Subject Claims post so that I can free up your subject for grabs again. If you truly want to continue making icons for your subject but need an extension, please also post there to let me know. You must state your reason and the amount of time you need. Depending on your request and the amount of demand there is for the subject, I will respond with either an approval or rejection.

I really want to claim "xxxx" but the subject is taken. What can I do?
That's where the Waiting List comes in. You can stake a claim to be next up when the subject is immediately freed. You may apply to be on the waiting list at this post

I've gone over my 10-week period without finishing my icons. What happens now?
If you've gone over your 10-week period (including any extensions you may have been granted), then you'll be removed from that claim and, at the same time, notified via e-mail or a comment in your LJ. If somebody on the Waiting List has been waiting for the claim, then it will be assigned to them. You're welcome to apply for the claim again (or put your name on the waiting list if it's already taken), but once the claim is yours again, you must start your 100 icons over. You're not allowed to continue from where you left off.

Is animation allowed?
Sure it is, just make sure it's within LJ standards.

I've finished making the 100 icons for my claim. What should I do next?
Please reply to the Hall of Fame post with your subject and the username you used when you made your claim. You should soon receive a banner to show off your accomplishment, and your name will also be listed on the page. You can claim more subjects if you wish.
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